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Our cash flow forecasts & business projection reports help obtain bank funding to purchase or develop businesses.

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The Costs

We do not keep timesheets and generally do not charge by the hour or the 6 minute unit.

In our experience clients want to know in advance how much our charges will be.

At our first meeting (which is free of course) we will listen to what you want us to do and advise as to anything which we would recommend. We have a standard price list from which we will calculate the fee in front of you. We do not believe money or our costs should be hedged in any embarrassment. We try to be as upfront as possible.

The Benefits

You feel relaxed about ringing us up and asking for help, information, etc, knowing that it is free.

We can approach each assignment trying to extract as much benefit as possible for you not trying to reduce our time spent by cutting corners.

Our experience is that the system promotes regular contact which allows us to suggest other ways to help you and your business which you may not have considered on your own.

Where Fixed Fees are not appropriate.

There is some work which we cannot anticipate at the start, or how long it will take, and therefore cannot give a fixed cost, but even here we make sure that there are no nasty surprises.

We find that in these situations the best way forward is to give you an initial estimate and then agree to warn you when we are approaching a predetermined limit.

At all times you are in the driving seat and know exactly where you stand.

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This is the “ultimate service” for those who are terminally allergic when it comes to their book-keeping.

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