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We offer a tailored comprehensive service to include Company Accounts, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE &
a Personal Tax Return.

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Lock Stock and Barrel

This is the “ultimate service” for those who are terminally allergic when it comes to their book-keeping.  We find it especially suitable for the licensed trade where time is tight, volumes are large and accounting is not straightforward.

We will:-

  • Collate and prepare your accounting records including separating out VAT.
  • Calculate and prepare your VAT Returns.


  • Provide you with quarterly management reports, to keep you up-to-date on how well your business is doing.
  • Provide year end accounts and related tax computations.


All you need to do is record your daily takings, daily cash expenditure and bankings on our easy to use sheets (manual or computerised to suit you).  Then send them to us with your other invoices, bank statements and cheque stubs, and then sit back whilst we do the rest.
Included also are unlimited telephone calls and meetings to sort out your business problems and help you maximise your profits.

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Making Tax Digital New HMRC Accounts

As you know Making Tax Digital for VAT is being introduced this year requiring you to file your VAT Returns electronically using compliant software.  Most of our clients are now ...

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Making Tax Digital MTD

HMRC continue to delay the full introduction of MTD however from April 2019 VAT registered businesses will find themselves needing to comply with new legislation. In short VAT registered businesses will ...

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Potential tax saving from incorporation removed

Until the 3rd December 2014 individuals trading as sole traders or partnerships were allowed a significant tax incentive on incorporation. Goodwill created by the individual could be sold at ...

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Backlash from public tax scandals

HM Revenue and Customs are under pressure. There are large political pressures to increase the level of tax collection to help the government with its plan to reduce the country’...

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