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We calculate staff & company contributions for your auto enrolment pension scheme as part of our payroll service.

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Our Team

We are the perfect size to offer you a complete and personal services. We have 11 staff some part time, each who bring certain skills to our team.

We are fortunate to have developed a very well qualified and knowledgeable team to advise you. We are unusual for our size as we have a dedicated Tax department who will give expert clear and understandable advice about tax and how to save it. Our staff are appreciated and motivated and most importantly enjoy working with our clients, a point proved by our very low staff turnover.

We understand that our role is to provide good relevant advice to all our clients and have in place and training and CPD plan to make sure all members of staff are able to meet your needs.

Peter Franklin ACA

Started training for his ACA qualification in London before moving to Plymouth in 2008 to complete his qualifications at Franklins. He has recently taken over the day to day running of the business being the main contact for the majority of clients. He has a drive to offer innovative yet useful and relevant solutions to client problems. He has a very thorough understanding of tax and advises clients on how to maximise their profits and reduce their tax burden.

Richard Franklin 

Richard is the founding partner setting up the firm in the 80s. He has built the company in to what it is today. Many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. Richard has developed a very client focused team who value personal relationships and are available to help whenever you require. From 2014 Richard has been reducing his work load and allowing Peter to take a more prominent role in the firm.

 Duncan Hodges

Duncan FCCA is a qualified accountant with significant experience advising clients. He leads our personal tax team helping our varied client base navigate the increasingly complicated area of personal tax. He has meticulous attention to detail and is keen to implement plans and structures which will simplify and reduce your tax liabilities. He has extensive experience advising NHS doctors, seafarers and business owners. He is approachable and strives to help his cleints.

Accounts and bookkeeping

We have a perfectly formed team to help and advise you on all things accounts. Be it a very simple sole trader or a large ltd company. Our clients have FREE unlimited access to our staff who will endeavour to answer any queries you may have.

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This is the “ultimate service” for those who are terminally allergic when it comes to their book-keeping.

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